Communication is a vital part of every business. Email is essentially a 'must have' item for any business regardless of the number of employees.

Using ITOPS Email services provides you with a professional and secure, dependable email service that your business can rely on.

Help is at hand...

Whether you just want to provide a more professional image to your Company by utilising our email forwarding service or whether your business simply needs a number of reliable email accounts.

The Benefits

  • Predictable low cost of ownership
  • Scaleable and secure, add users as your business expands
  • Use POP or IMAP as your preferred mail protocol
  • We are Internic TAG holder and so there are no inflated registration costs
  • No hidden or unexpected support, maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Read your with a standard email client
  • High Availability - Utilising the latest Sun Clustering Technology


Our Email Package

  • Send and receive email using your company domainname
  • Transfer your domain or register a .co.uk domain as part of the service
  • Use POP or IMAP as your preferred mail protocol
  • ITOPS is a nic TAG holder and so no third party additional costs
  • Access your mail from anywhere using our Squirrel Mail web interface
  • Allows large email attachments upto 30Mb in size
  • Email forwarding to third party mail boxes
  • Vacation Messaging for when your away or out of the office

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Pricing Guide

Up to 2 Users FREE £9 £99
Up to 10 users FREE £29 £300
Up to 30 users FREE £75 £900
Up to 50 users FREE £100 £1200
More than 50 users Price On Application

*Please note prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.